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Johnson And Sons Plastering Inc. is a corporation started by my father and myself in 2003. My father learned how to plaster from his father, and I learned how to plaster, drywall, paint, and patch from my father. 


My father Charlie Sr. is my silent partner and advisor. My wife Amada and I run the day to day affairs of the corporation. She is always busy networking with customers, scheduling work, or writing free estimates. I spend my time researching new products, coordinating workflow, and training new employees.


I love my job. The satisfaction transforming popcorn ceilings to smooth ceilings, or building and matching antique coves is unparalleled. The excitement of seeing new textures or techniques that will lower the customers' price point makes one feel like a hero.

Our Services Include

New plaster and drywall  // Interior and exterior texture  // Complete recoating // Patchwork and repairs  // Interior painting  // Much more...

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