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 You may be asking yourself, should I choose drywall or plaster.
Both materials are favorable finishes for your walls and ceilings, though there are several options to influence your decision on the project at hand. The answer lies in the application of the product.
 Plaster is more durable than drywall when it comes to environmental conditions. It is also more physically resistant to scuffs, knicks, and dents. It can be installed on a wide variety of substrates. Plaster can be used to recoat the walls and ceiling of an entire home or a room where a load-bearing wall was removed without the need to hang new gypsum panels.
    Drywall is less durable than plaster. It tends to mold in conditions plaster sustains and small jobs take longer than plastering. The benefit to drywall is that it takes less time to install and can be cheaper per square foot in high volume settings. Drywall requires less water for installation so water services are not required on site.  
    In conclusion, plaster is water resistant, durable, adaptable, paintable, and offers fast finishing times on remodeling jobs. Drywall is water-soluble, soft, best suited for new gypsum panels, paintable, and can be completed quicker on large scale projects.

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